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Food Industry

On your feet and active all day? You need great looking, light footwear that is comfortable and supportive as well as being built for the unique demands of your job. Ergonomic yet fashionable work shoes which are designed by industry specialists in podiatry will support not only your feet, but your whole body.

In the food industry you will encounter slip hazards continually, whether in food production in the kitchen or service in the restaurant, coffee shop or bar. Spilt ingredients, food mess, grease and oil, ice and water can make a surface as slick as a skating rink. Slippery floors call for slip and skid resistance and you will need rubber soles with an expertly designed tread that provides a grip in which you can be confident.

Our work shoes have been tested on the types of catering hazards you might encounter and are fully compliant with European slip-safety standards. Our range of tough and long-lasting work trainers (or work sneakers if you prefer) will ensure you always look smart and professional whilst being comfortable and safe from slips and skids - all part of the Anchor Safety commitment to safety in the workplace.

Ideal for a wide variety of roles and locations:
Food production, Kitchen, Waiter / Waitress, Barista, Bartender, Fast food service, Caterers, Sommelier

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