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Corporate Accounts

Buying PPE products is only a small part of your Health and Safety Strategy, so selling you that product is only a small part of what we offer. A large proportion of our work is with companies who enlist our help in embedding a true safety culture within their organisation. We act as their strategic partners, working with them on everything from product development to engagement and guidance programmes.

Equip online PPE portal

Equip Online

Dedicated Support:

As a corporate account with Anchor Safety, we will offer a dedicated Account Manager to ensure you always get the rapid response that you need - we pride ourselves on excellence in customer care. Your Account Manager will ensure you have all the latest knowledge of PPE advancements. We also have available experienced specialist technical support to help answer any questions and address any challenges, be they site-specific or contract wide.

Our specialist online purchasing and monitoring tool, Equip, is fully available to corporate accounts, allowing complete accountability and full visibility of your organisation’s PPE programme.

Product Development:

Where we cannot find a ready solution to a problem, we use our product development capabilities to work with you to develop the bespoke products needed to address your challenge. Some of the UK’s leading brands have benefitted from our expertise in this area and, as a result, succeeded in solving their issues, from reducing injuries to reducing consumption. Anchor Safety can even support your enterprise-wide green credentials with our bespoke sustainability initiatives.

PPE Product development for Corporate Accounts

Embedding a safety culture

Embedding a Safety Culture:

Your Health and Safety Strategy only begins with supply of the right product. Engagement of your staff in trusting, using and caring for those products is vital. Anchor Safety are experts in change management and in driving behavioural reliability. We are the ideal partners to design and implement education and guidance programmes, aimed at ensuring your strategy is successful from beginning to end.

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