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Frequently asked questions

This section provides a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Anchor Safety, how to order, and our broader PPE services. If you have any queries that aren't answered within this section please contact the Anchor Safety team, direct. Call: 0800 328 5028 or email:

Product Selection

Our commitment to PPE does not end when an order is delivered. We work with our clients to embed a culture of safety across their organisation. This is achieved through communication, training, educational programmes and literature to ensure correct use and care of PPE, stimulating employee interest and enthusiasm in safety at work issues.

All our products are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure they meet the relevant standards. We are aware that PPE standards are constantly changing. We will keep you abreast of these changes to help you stay protected against Employee Accident Claims and prosecution.

We can also assist with proof of issue processes and documenting the PPE you give your people so you can meet compliance requirements.

We are pioneers in this field in the UK and have created a full range of workwear and PPE solutions specifically designed for the female form. Your staff no longer have to tolerate poorly fitting PPE and footwear, by selecting the nearest equivalent generic size. Please read our Blog article on Female PPE if you want to know more.

Hard hats are normally supplied with an information tag attached giving advice & lifetime expectancy. Some manufacturers say 3 years, others say an in-use life of up to five years, or even more. Anchor Safety can discuss options for up to 10 year's life expectancy - please call our Customer Care team for more information. Obviously how much exposure that they have had, how they have been stored and how many knocks they have had will determine the replacement interval; for example, hard hats solely deployed for Visitor use will have a longer usable life than hard hats used on a daily basis in hazardous environments.

Safety helmets need to be changed when damaged, for example, when they have been involved in an accident or when affected by sunlight. Hard hats will need replacing when the harness is damaged or if it is likely that the shock absorption or penetration resistance has deteriorated. For example, when the shell has received a severe impact, or if deep scratches occur (i.e. to a depth greater than 25% of the shell thickness) or if the shell has any visible cracks.

Good maintenance will also keep the hat in good working order and prolong its life. Assuming they have been well maintained & none of the above apply, replace according to manufacturer's instructions – and of course please always ask one of our team for help, if you are in any doubt.

Safety helmets should be stored in a safe place, e.g. on a peg or in a cupboard on site. They should not be stored in direct sunlight or in excessively hot, humid conditions because long-term exposure can weaken the shell. Safety helmets should be checked regularly for signs of damage or deterioration.

Many manufacturers in the past stated the life expectancy of fall arrest products as “5 years after first use” – and this has become the general rule of thumb in the UK and Ireland. HOWEVER - it is important that you follow individual manufacturer’s instructions on life expectancy – and other issues such as storage and maintenance - as fall arrest systems vary.

Yes. All our footwear is certified to cover the full range of exposures you will face in the work environment. Our footwear finder will help you to find exactly the right solution to your safety needs

Yes, we do have boots in wide fittings. They can be found using the footwear finder.

People who work with harmful dusts should NOT use so-called “nuisance” masks – also known as “comfort” or “hygiene” masks. These types of masks are not protective devices – they perform badly, and do not meet basic health and safety requirements.

They should definitely not be used for protection against fine dusts or sand, welding fumes, paint spray, gases, vapours or aerosols, grain and flour dust, hard or softwood dust, fumes from rosin-based solder flux or any substances with a maximum exposure limit. They should only be used when dusts are not hazardous to health. They may consist of a thin metal plate that holds a piece of gauze over the nose and mouth or a lightweight filter that looks similar to a disposable dust respirator. They often have only one head strap.

Yes, of course. Please contact us for information on this process.

Yes, please get in touch with us to discuss the support we can offer you with our specialist advisors. They can advise on the best ways to enhance your respiratory protection strategy and how to engage staff fully to ensure its success.

No, you will not be able to achieve a seal so a PAPR unit, either full head or waist mounted, will be necessary. For more information read our blog

Thermal energy from an Arc Flash incident can be deadly. When someone is exposed to an Arc Flash incident, serious burns and other potentially life threatening injuries can be minimised and even avoided by effectively utilising Arc Flash garments. Anchor Safety provide Arc Flash protection through a range of manufacturers to ensure your safety. Contact our specialist Customer Care Team if you have any further questions about Arc Flash protective wear.

It is important to consider a number of different areas when deciding on which hearing protection to use.

• Type of noise: Volume, Frequency and pattern of exposure. Also, does the wearer still need to communicate and hear warning sounds? Does the wearer have any medical disorder to be accounted for? Hearing protection can offer different levels of noise reduction.

• Suitability for hazard: 'Does the hearing protection need to be worn with other PPE ie. masks/helmets/eye protection? What other environmental factors exist ie. Dust/heat/humidity? These can affect the style of hearing protection suitable for the task.

• Frequency of use: Maintenance and cost of replacement are worth considering, especially when hearing protection is worn continually.

All Hearing Protection sold by Anchor Safety fulfils current relevant standards legislation.

Hi-vis garments are classified as Class 1 to 3. The higher the class, the higher the visibility.

Class 1 is suitable for lower risk areas, Class 2 for medium risk where visibility may be low and workers may be focused on task and less aware of surrounding hazards. Class 3 is for the highest risk environments where it is vital for workers to be highly visible. Combining items from different classes can achieve a higher rating.

Many items supplied by Anchor Safety are suitable for multi-hazard sites, where clothing is needed to protect against other safety issues but visibility is also important for both safety and identification purposes.

Within the railway industry, visibility for lineside workers is obviously vital, and specific High Vis requirements are in place. Clothing must meet high quality standards and uses a specific orange fabric which ensures that train drivers do not confuse lineside workers with yellow signals. Anchor Safety stocks PPE which meets all Rail Safety and Standards regulations. Contact our Specialist Customer Care Department if you would like to know more.


Register for an account online here. It just takes a few minutes to open up the whole Anchor range to you and your staff.

To log into click on the "Account" button at the top of the page. If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link to set up a new one. If you do not have an account, create one here or contact our Customer Care team on 0800 328 5028

Absolutely! Just place your order by 2pm, for next day delivery of stock items.

All orders £100 and over (exc VAT) enjoy free shipping.

Every customer, and every order is important to us therefore we do not have a minimum order value requirement. Please note for orders under £100 (ex VAT) there will be a nominal £6.95 + VAT carriage charge.

Please contact our customer care team to track your order - 0800 328 5028 or

We offer free standard next day delivery on orders £100 and over (exc. VAT) Our other delivery charges are as follows:
Next day before 9:00 - £30.00
Next day before 10:00 - £40.00
Next day by 12 noon - £15.00
Saturday - £40.00
Orders under £100 - £6.95

We don’t operate a trade counter, BUT you can place an online Click and Collect order (minimum order value £150), and pick it up from our Ipswich HQ. Simply select “Click and Collect” when placing your order. (T&Cs applicable.)

Yes – as above, please select “Click and Collect” when placing your order (minimum order value £150) and pick your order up from our Ipswich HQ. (T&Cs applicable.)

The range of products offered on this site represents our fastest moving lines and catalogue items. If you wish to order something not featured, please call us on 0800 328 5028


We accept a range of different payment methods to make life easier, including most major credit cards, online bank transfers, and via invoice for eligible customers with a trade account.

Please contact our Finance team to confirm payment terms.

If you'd like to set up a trade account, go to our account application page and follow the 3 easy steps:
• Register
• Complete the credit account application form
• Return the application to our finance department

Our Finance Team will then look at your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Customer Care

Please call us on 0800 328 5028, email us at or complete the Contact Us form

Our telephone lines are open from 08.00-17.30 every day – out of hours, please email us or use the Contact Us form and we will be in touch the next working day.

Our telephone lines are open from 08.00-17.30 every day – out of hours, please email us or use the Contact Us form and we will be in touch the next working day.

Please contact our Customer Care team on 0800 328 5028 during office hours or complete our Contact form and we will respond within 4-8 working hours. If your request is urgent please call the team.

With the speed of innovation in the PPE marketplace, hard copy paper catalogues are out of date even before they are printed – and the impact on the environment is huge.

We therefore feel it is more environmentally-friendly - and far better Customer Care - to publish real-time information on products and services, availability, and pricing right here on our website.

Branded PPE

Branded PPE / workwear helps your business to showcase a consistent brand image in a way that suits both function and form, by selecting the best branding option to suit your PPE, uniforms and corporate work wear.

Branding your PPE / workwear also significantly reduces usage and costs by discouraging pilferage.

We offer both embroidery and heat seal (transfer) branding. Embroidery takes longer than heat seal branding, but looks very smart and is extremely resilient – however, it should only be used on non-waterproof garments, as the stitching perforates the garment and impacts waterproofing.

Heat seal branding can be used on virtually any fabric. It is a fast and cost-effective option, and perfect for waterproof garments.

Learn more about PPE branding and read our blog article which contains important recommendations and best practices for PPE branding.

No, at Anchor Safety we have made the process simple:

1. Provide us with your logo or image in an agreed format: hi-res PDF or .jpeg file. We’ll get it converted to a compatible file for electronic upload to our embroidery machine.
2. We'll advise on dimensions and positioning, so you can be sure of a great result. We'll suggest what is possible and also help if you have any special requirements.
3. All branding designs are proofed and approved by you, before we begin production. Once you are happy with your design and positioning, we will complete your order and ship to you.

To order Branded PPE simply call us on 0800 328 5028 and speak to one of our specialists, who will be happy to help you.

Yes. Helmets can be branded but there is a minimum order quantity of 40 helmets.

Absolutely, but this can only be done using heat seal transfer printing, as the stitching used in embroidery punctures the fabric, which compromises the waterproofing.

We have invested in the latest state of the art equipment and created a dedicated, in-house facility to accommodate your branded PPE requirements.

This enables us to guarantee the highest-quality designs with significantly reduced lead times - only 3-5 days for new items, with next-day delivery for repeat orders, when you take advantage of our Dedicated Stock service.

Additional PPE Services

Anchor Safety offer a range of services to complement and support your Health & Safety strategy. For information go to our Other PPE Services.