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Engel safety workwear collections and extensive range of accessories are suitable for employees in almost any industry. A Danish company, founded as F Engel in 1927 and still run by the family firm, they supply workwear to businesses in industry, trade, construction, offshore etc.  Proud to supply quality workwear to craftsmen in many different situations, Engel have also designed a range of workwear, including high-vis jackets and softshell jackets, specifically for women’s proportions. Until recently women had to make do with adjusting the fit of standard workwear, often causing issues with comfort and safety. 

Engel understand the essential issues faced by businesses and design workwear for varied situations, such as warm or cold warehouse locations as well as conforming to the different legislations involved in certain industries such as railways, airports and construction.

Additionally, Engel also produce a range of high-visibility products which use 50% recycled fabric, using Repreve, an eco-fibre with U-Trust verification.  These are fibres made of recycled materials, including plastic bottles. These fibres are 100 % traceable, and the products are fully trackable using Fibre Print tracking technology.  This guarantees that the products contain the correct type of fibre and in the right amounts to qualify as sustainable.

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