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Other PPE Services

Anchor Safety offer a range of services to complement and support your Health & Safety strategy

Prescription Wyewear

Prescription Eyewear:

We offer a seamless and specialist Prescription Eyewear service, including an online portal for ease of ordering and monitoring, and automatic test reminders.


All branding of PPE and workwear happens in-house, using specialist machinery, to ensure maximum flexibility, consistently high quality and rapid delivery. All branding is carried out using compliant materials so as not to compromise your safety

Embroider for PPE

RPE Programmes

Design and Implementation of RPE programmes:

To ensure the success of your Health and Safety programme we offer:

  • Face fit testing and training services
  • Training, oversight of nationwide compliance and tracking (all of which can be carried out online)
  • Servicing and maintenance care packages, bespoke to your business needs
  • Education and guidance workshops to drive your improved safety culture and achieve an increase in behavioural reliability

Sustainability Initiatives:

At Anchor Safety we are continuously working to ensure that the PPE options we offer are as sustainable as possible, without compromising on safety, from where they are sourced to the materials they use. Additionally, to support your business’ green credentials, we offer a recycling capability for many of our products.

Sustainable Initiatives

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