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High performance respirators, tailored to your working conditions. Whatever hazards your people are facing, PureFlo respirators guarantee the best fit and the most effective protection.

PureFlo is the highest performing all-in-one respirator on the market. With the battery contained in the headtop, there is no waist mounted power unit, battery and filters or connecting hoses etc - everything is in the helmet.

A PureFlo solution is configured to suit your environment and industry, combining proven protection with extensive configuration. With a range that includes air fed respirators, powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and particulate respirators, PureFlo gives you an incredible level of protection that's already trusted across heavy and light industry. But it's through a choice of headtops, filters, visors and more that you'll get the perfect match for your organisation - one that keeps your workers safe, comfortable and productive.

Innovative configurable PureFlo respirators

When it comes to balancing the right protection with wearer acceptance, the PureFlo innovative approach leads the way.

For dependable protection, your PureFlo solution can be configured around the allergens, pathogens and other hazards that wearers may encounter. From airflow and filter types to built-in head protection, we'll work with you to design the perfect respirator.

Every PureFlo solution offers excellent field of view, a comfortable fit and an impressively lightweight design. It's robust protection in a solution your wearers will love.

Trusted by organisations worldwide

PureFlo is already a favourite in some of the world's most hazardous working environments, from industry to chemical plants and pharmaceuticals.

They choose PureFlo for:

  • Flexible respirators designed to meet precise applications
  • Unparalleled wearer acceptance - often without the need for face fitting
  • Dependable protection to the highest standards including TH3
  • Long-term cost reduction compared to disposable face protection
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