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A long-established footwear brand, Bata have used their in excess of 100 year’s hands-on experience in shoemaking and protection from hazardous environments to create something very special in the world of safety footwear.  With the backing of their Innovation Lab and working with scientists and experts in biomechanics, Bata specialise in making safety footwear for different industries that not only protects the foot but ensures the wearer is completely comfortable. With varied width fittings and an ergonomic design which allows the foot to absorb shock in a completely natural manner, Bata shoes also protect the rest of the body from referred foot issues. Using the latest technology, Bata have put every component part of their safety shoes and safety boots under a microscope and worked to ensure every section offers the very best in terms of protection and comfort, whatever the hazard faced. With odour control, Walkline InsideÒ technology, a three-width system, triple shock absorption system, foot locking lacing systems, dynamic soles with flexlines and antislip technology, a pair of waterproof boots from Bata is the very best you could buy for your feet.

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