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Uvex develop and manufacture safety products that aim to fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality, function and innovation. Using their expertise in both industry and sports Uvex ensure that the products they build will stand up to hazards that you face. Eye injuries in the workplace can be particularly severe, potentially leading to loss of sight. Hazards to be aware of include mechanical (dust or microparticles), optical (light or laser radiation), chemical (acids, alkalis or vapours) or thermal (flames or hot liquids). In many workplaces it is therefore obligatory or advisable to wear safety eyewear. Uvex safety spectacles are appropriate for trade, industry and medical sectors, protecting users from a whole range of hazards, including shocks and impacts, radiation, chemicals or splinters, depending on the model chosen. With options ranging from protective overspectacles that can easily be worn over prescription eyewear to safety goggles for welding activities, you can be sure that Uvex safety glasses will protect that most vulnerable part of your face.

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