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The Betafit range of outdoor and indoor protective safety eyewear comprises protective eyewear, overspectacles, safety goggles, protective glasses and safety spectacles. They have all been designed by wearers for wearers, with the premise in mind: “the greater the comfort, the greater the use”. Not only that, but the better the fit, the better it will protect you. All Betafit safety glasses are tested to the highest standards in accordance with relevant and current Health & Safety legislation. They all meet the Class 1 optical clarity requirements of EN 166 for wearing safety glasses all day long. To protect your eyes from eyestrain, they have created a wide choice of anti-glare lenses and an amber lens for enhanced vision in low levels of light. With their expertise in the marketplace, Betafit are also perfectly placed to offer face fitting equipment. The user-friendly Betafit face fit test kit comes with the option of a full training package, with competence certification available. Correct face fitting will ensure that you can be confident in providing the maximum level of safety Betafit products are designed to offer.

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