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Why choose Anchor Safety

There are many reasons to choose Anchor Safety as your PPE partner. While Anchor Safety gives you high quality, comfortable PPE that people want to wear, we also go further to act as your trusted partner for workplace safety. 

Whatever your PPE challenges, we’ll work together with you to create long-term, sustainable solutions - from finding and managing PPE inventory to behaviour based safety initiatives.

Some of the reasons our customers choose Anchor safety are outlined below:

Reason 1: The Anchor Experience

The Anchor Experience is a standard of customer care defined by 3 key pillars. They don’t just cover the quality, pricing, and range of our products, but also the unrivalled service and support you can expect whenever you need it. We’re focused on your requirements and that’s why, with the Anchor Experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reason 2: Compliance with PPE at Work Regulations

As PPE standards continually change, we’ll keep you up-to-date to help you stay protected against employee accident claims and prosecution. We can also assist with proof of issue processes, documenting the PPE you give your people so you can meet compliance requirements.

Reason 3: Driving down injuries

We’ll work with you to reduce your exposure, through product trials and by offering expert guidance on product selection from our extensive range. With the right PPE, you can empower safe behaviour.

Reason 4: PPE Inventory Management

By choosing to use our innovative PPE Inventory Management system, you can see who is ordering - and what they’re ordering - at a glance, ensuring everyone is using the right kit. And with product rationalisation, you’ll get easier procurement management and complete visibility over your PPE spend.

Reason 5: Contractor Safety

Contractors face different hazards and exposures across numerous locations. We’ll help you assess environmental hazards, find fit-for-purpose PPE, and keep people safe on-site. We can also use in-house technology to give your contractors appropriately branded PPE.

Reason 6: Product Technical Support

You can take advantage of our experience and knowledge of PPE to find the right products for the job. We can even develop bespoke new products where volume justifies this.

Reason 7: Contract Transition

Moving to Anchor Safety for your PPE is easy. We’ll guide you through the process and, by taking the time to understand your requirements, we’ll ensure a smooth, seamless transition that doesn’t leave you under-equipped.