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Noisebeta ear protection is designed by Betafit, experts in sensory protection products which ensures your hearing protection is right for both you and the environment that you are in. All Betafit Noisebeta sensory protection is designed by wearers for wearers, with the premise in mind: “the greater the comfort, the greater the use”. Not only that, but the better the fit, the better it will protect you. It is very important to keep wear the right level of ear protection to prevent any long-term damage within the ear canal. All Noisebeta ear protection is designed to the highest standards in accordance with relevant and current Health & Safety legislation. All their ear protection products are SNR rated as well as being tested and CE approved to the highest possible standards. Whether it is a full earmuff headband or disposable earplugs you need to reduce the noise by the correct amount, Noisebeta will be comfortable and safe to wear. We stock a range which can provide the right level of industrial PPE ear protection equipment and convenience for you, including disposable earplugs and earplug dispensers and corded earplugs, as well as re-usable options.

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