We’re sounding an alarm:
You and your business may be at risk of much more than just hearing loss

Your health is at risk

Exposure to noise has now been directly and scientifically linked to not only serious hearing damage but also other devastating long-term health issues:

  • Tinnitus
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue & Stress
  • Psychological issues
  • Cognitive decline
  • Dementia

Your business is at risk

  • Your Workforce:
    Hearing loss is now the most common occupational disease in Europe
  • Your legal costs:
    Claims for hearing damage will increase in number and value
  • Your responsibility:
    What was reasonably practical to mitigate the risk has moved on beyond recognition
  • Your PPE:
    Recent changes in PPE classification mean that noise is now a comparable risk to cancer-causing dusts and PPE should be rated accordingly

To find out more about these risks to your people and your business and how you can counter them, download the Anchor Safety white paper Noise Induced Hearing Loss – the new Asbestos? .

Workplace Noise Management and Intelligent Hearing Protection

To ensure the best possible solution for our customers, Anchor Safety has teamed up with industry experts at Eave, specialists in workplace hearing management and intelligent hearing protection. Eave have developed a unique smart system to not only protect your employees from noise, but to actively monitor and understand how and where they are being put at risk, enabling you to both manage the hazard and significantly reduce the risk to their health.


Monitor site-wide noise levels whilst tracking individual workers’ noise exposure.


Provide day-long hearing protection, set and meet noise-exposure targets.


Use data to understand how noise affects your workplace and increase productivity with data-backed decisions.


Ensure safe onsite communication, full situational awareness and reduce hearing-related insurance claims.

The total solution for managing workplace noise

The Eave solution consists of FocusLite smart ear defenders that provide dynamic hearing protection and situational awareness, at the same time as collecting noise data, both inside and outside the earpiece. This data is wirelessly transmitted to the Peak online noise analytic platform for insights and analysis. This solution will help you maintain a safe and productive work environment where staff are actively engaged in their own wellbeing.

How does the Eave Intelligent Noise Control system work?

The Eave intelligent noise control system uses a specifically designed wifi-enabled protective headset to gather sound data and transmit it to an online platform for analysis and management action. This allows you to track each worker’s noise exposure and use your noise monitoring dashboard to better understand and ultimately mitigate the risks to your employees from noise hazards.

Watch the video to see Eave CEO, David Greenberg, explain the science behind the Eave Intelligent Noise Control system.

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