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Expert Insights, Respiratory Protection Series - No. 4

Anchor Safety make it easier to select respiratory protection equipment (RPE) which measures up to the job.

You need to be well prepared to work in some of the toughest environments. When your workplace hazards are challenging, it is vital to have a completely reliable RPE solution that won’t let you down. You could be dealing with asbestos or silica fibres, facing dangerous gases such as ammonia or chlorine, worrying about chemical mists produced by spray paints or fumes caused by welding or smelting: if you or your employees are breathing in any of these, you are in danger of serious and possibly life changing damage to your health.

If the exposure is likely to be uncontrolled or prolonged, you need to be completely certain that your facemask and breathing equipment are reliable, tough and tailored to the correct hazard. Anchor Safety understand that safety is paramount and can provide the necessary technical advice to help you protect all workers and ensure you know how to select respiratory protective equipment correctly. While choosing respiratory protective equipment can be a complicated process with all the different components involved, Anchor Safety has made the process simpler, with tailor made kits for individual industries, to take the stress out of your decision.

A Tailor-Made Solution:

Selecting all the parts for your respirator can be complicated, but the Drager X-plore 8000 PAPR system (also known as Draeger in some markets) offers a complete solution which can be tailored to your particular needs. You can choose from a variety of RPE filters, different mounting systems and a number of different facepiece models, to ensure complete diversity of fit. Alternatively, the solution could be with you faster than you think, as we also offer a range of ready-made Drager X-plore 8000 kits, equipped and ready to cover a variety of serious hazards.

View the Drager Powered Respiratory Kits

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With the Drager X-plore 8000 there are no compromises:

Robust and Tough

Heavy duty design will ensure that your PAPR will survive whatever is thrown at it:

  • Rubber protectors and high ingress protection against dust and water will prevent damage, even with daily use and in explosive atmospheres.
  • A high-quality Li-ion battery will keep your equipment working consistently.

Superior Comfort

Make sure there is no distraction from the task at hand, by ensuring that the powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is well fitted and comfortable.

  • Advanced carrying system to distribute the weight optimally.
  • Constructed with stable connections enabling the user to forget it is there and get on with the job.

Safety Comes First

Inbuilt diagnostics and self-explanatory operation minimises any user error.

  • Unit recognises connected headgear and automatically selects correct flow rate.
  • Optical sensor prevents use without filter, which is easy to load and use.
  • Clear display shows filter saturation levels, with optical, acoustic and vibrating alarm.

Simple and Easy RPE Maintenance

Built with safety and ease of use in mind, the Drager X-plore 8000 is virtually maintenance free:

  • Every component of the modular system is colour coded so that RPE filters can be replaced easily and the system can be connected up correctly and reconnected quickly and easily when necessary.
  • Rapid charging system.
  • Self-check and self-adjustment systems for ensuring correct flow rates.

Whatever your RPE challenge, Anchor Safety have the experience and the know-how to ensure your workforce is safe. We have worked with a wide range of clients in high hazard situations and are able to use this expertise to help you select the best respiratory protective equipment for your business and build a strong and resilient RPE strategy.

Call our specialists now on 0800 328 5028 for more information on how we can help you choose the respirator that is right for you and ensure your RPE is really measuring up to the job.

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