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RPE Guide for Painting and Coating Industries - E-book

Painting and coating in industry can pose significant respiratory hazards. Isocyanate exposure, in particular, can cause some major challenges. This e-book will help you assess the risks and choose suitable protection whether you are spray painting plastic or metal, trying to decide on a spray-painting respirator, or worrying about the effects of isocyanate poisoning.

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In this guide we answer all your questions on appropriate RPE for use while painting and coating, plus we include a specific FAQ section on Isocyanates, from a simple 'What is isocyanate paint?', to the dangers posed and what your responsibilities are in protecting your workforce. While reducing and removing possibilities for exposure should always take priority, respiratory protection equipment (RPE) may well be needed at every stage of the painting or coating process. If you want to know what respirator filter for spray painting should be used or the best mask for spray painting, download our comprehensive guide, specific to your industry.

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