Percko Lyne Pro protection mens vest - S

Product Code: Q50-9055-GYS

Brand: Percko

Product Features

  • Colour: Graphite
  • Size: S

Percko is the very first shirt that prevents and relieves back pain. Already worn by more than 40,000 users, the Percko garments are the result of a year of research and development in biomechanics and have been validated by a clinical study. All garments are washable at 30°C.

8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at least once during their lives. In 4 out of 5 cases, those pains are caused by bad posture throughout the day. Percko is an undershirt that re-teaches you to stand up straight. In the case of poor posture, tensors exert pressure on your shoulders and on your lower back, your body straightens up naturally thanks to the gentle reminder of the tensors. These tensors have elastic properties and are made of a specific and innovative fabric. It works thanks to mechanical actions without electronics, therefore it is machine washable. 30% thinner than a normal t-shirt, it can be worn like a second skin. A clinical study reveals that Percko reduces the risk of muscular fatigue by 35%


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Product Description
  • Accompanies your movements – it protects the back by encouraging the correct movements and postures during and between actions
  • Reduce muscle fatigue – by maintaining a good posture throughout the effort, you delay the onset of muscle fatigue
  • Limits the risk of injury – the tensors on the vest remind you how to act in case of risky movements
  • Spine alignment – repositions the spine at the end of each movement
Product Specification
Colour Graphite
Size S