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Drager Ready Pack - Life Sciences & Medical in Oxygen Rich Environments (ATEX Rated)

Product Code: H40-59550-KIT11

Brand: Drager

Product Features

  • Respiratory Components: Readymade Kits
  • Respiratory Product Type: Powered Respirators

This complete Drager UK (Also known as Draeger in Europe) X-Plore Powered Air Respiratory kit is designed specifically for medical and life science applications where it is important to be able to easily decontaminate the whole powered respiratory system. The hood head top ensures it is ideal protection for workers with beards, or other workers in need of chemical protection who have not passed a Fit Test. (This kit does not require face fit testing.)

This intrinsically safe, ready to use kit includes everything you need to start using the system straight away, including a powerful blower unit and appropriate filters, in one simple purchase. The blower unit automatically selects the correct minimum flow rate based on the type of headtop included in the kit.

The ATEX approved medical respirator, certified for use in certain potentially explosive situations or oxygen rich environments, has an alarm which is both audible and vibrating, as well as a visual alert for the filter saturation level, ensuring your safety. Comfortable enough to allow you to get on with the job at hand, the kit is also easy to maintain, meaning it will last for a long time. Replaceable parts and longevity mean that overall ownership costs are low.



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£1,828.98 Inc VAT £1,524.15 Exc VAT
Product Description

The kit includes:


  • Comfortable and very lightweight premium short safety hood, designed to keep out harmful particles or fumes (Other hood head tops are available to make up a kit – please ask for details)
  • The hood covers the head and face leaving the ears uncovered for communication purposes
  • Dual layer neck guard for additional safety when worn with a protective suit. The hood is made of low noise, soft material
  • Incorporates a guided breathing inlet which guides air away from your head and avoids it focusing on a single spot
  • The visor on the hood incorporates a spacer at the top of the visor to ensure low visual distortion
  • Removable sweatband and adjustable straps – very comfortable and ideal for applications where mechanical head and eye protection are not required
  • Intrinsically safe heavy duty blower unit - incorporating rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP65) from dust and water jets in any direction. Air inlets are protected from frontal moving debris ensuring that sparks or water do not come into direct contact with the filter
  • Particulate Filter to EN12941 (please note a wider filter range is available so please ask for details to refine the kit if necessary)
  • Intrinsically safe Battery (Ex Zone 1) - operates for 4 hours.  (A high-capacity battery is also available – please ask for details)
  • Highly efficient battery charger suitable for rapid deployment - generates at least 80% battery charge from two hours charging
  • Flexible and tough hose, resistant to potential cuts and punctures
Easy clean comfort belt to keep unit fastened and secured (A range of unit carrying accessories are available – please ask for details)
Product Specification
Respiratory Components Readymade Kits
Respiratory Product Type Powered Respirators