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Hälker Barrier Balm

Product Code: V40-HK686

Brand: Hälker

Product Features

  • Skin Protection: Barrier Balm
  • Size: 250ml

Touch. Grip. Push. Lift. Pull. Press.
Your hands take a lot of punishment over the course of a working day.

If your hands become sore, itchy or inflamed, every single action could be painful, making skin conditions worse. Preventing discomfort before it starts is where Hälker comes in.

Hälker Barrier Balm

Hälker Barrier Balm is designed to protect your hands from irritation, dermatitis and eczema caused by the solutions, oils and solvents you encounter while working, with an invisible and comfortable shield.

When you rub a small amount of Hälker Barrier Balm into your hands, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, helping to repel contaminants and making dirt and debris easier to wash off.

NB. Hälker Barrier Balm should not be used as a substitute for gloves, but can be worn underneath gloves to prevent irritation from moisture build-up.


£15.30 Inc VAT £12.75 Exc VAT
Product Description
  • Suitable for use in all industries.
  • No aggressive chemicals included - feel confident that your hand protection won’t trigger skin reactions or cause further irritation. 
  • Works by creating a moisturising, invisible natural barrier which works in harmony with your skin to repel contaminants.
  • Protects from the onset of skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema without the greasy feeling left by many barrier creams.
  • Content: 250ml
  • Main ingredients: Mineral clay, plant glycerin.
  • Content: Natural origin content according to ISO 16128: 99.5%
Product Specification
Skin Protection Barrier Balm
Size 250ml