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Hälker Intense No Rinse Cleanse

Product Code: V40-HK696

Brand: Hälker

Product Features

  • Skin Protection: Cleanser
  • Size: 250ml

Ingrained mud, muck, grease, oil and worse…
Your hands take a lot of punishment over the course of a working day.


Hälker Barrier Balm


Halker Intense No Rinse Cleanse fights grime naturally, wherever you are, with no need for water to rinse.  By rubbing it into your hands thoroughly, the cleanser lifts stubborn grime without leaving them feeling sticky or slippery.  After lightly brushing off any residue, hands are left feeling smooth, dry and clean, avoiding the irritation and potential skin damage caused by contaminants.

Less wasteful than wipes and kind to your skin, exfoliating volcanic pumice will effectively lift and remove oils, greases, dust and dirt from the skin, leaving you clean, fresh and ready to safely take on the next job.

Suitable for use in all industries, Halker Intense No-Rinse Cleanser is ultra-convenient whether your are in a remote location without water access for a hand wash, or rushing between jobs and need to clean hands on the move.

Expert Tip: Try using in combination with Halker Barrier Balm, for an even smoother and easy to clean experience!

£9.54 Inc VAT £7.95 Exc VAT
Product Description
  • Suitable for use in all industries.
  • No aggressive chemicals included - feel confident that your hand cleanser won’t cause irritation. 
  • No rinsing required, making it ultra convenient whether in a location with no water access or rushing between jobs.
  • With regular use, it defends hands from irritation, cracking and long-term skin conditions caused by tough work and neglect.
  • Content: 250ml
  • Main ingredients: Volcanic pumice, natural plant extracts.
Product Specification
Skin Protection Cleanser
Size 250ml