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Zorption spill kit in clip close bag - 20 litre

Product Code: P33-810

Brand: Zorption

Product Features

  • Spill Control Type: Spill Kits
  • box quantity: 1
Zorption products are unbeatable in the task of cleaning up oil or chemical spills. This is a handy all-in-one kit to clean up, perfect for a quick response to a spillage in the workplace. As Zorption uses an all-purpose absorbent, you won't have to worry about using the right materials for the type of spill.
£30.23 Inc VAT £25.19 Exc VAT
Product Description
  • When there’s a spill, time isn’t on your side. Reach for Zorption with confidence. With both grey maintenance and yellow chemical pads combined into one, you’ll be choosing the right absorbent, every time. Zorption offers a cost-effective range of safe, flexible and reliable spill control products. Recover from spills - faster. Keep your site safe and clean with a revolutionary, new solution with unbeatable absorbency.
Product Specification
Spill Control Type Spill Kits
box quantity 1