30,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCAs) occur out of hospital settings every year in the UK.
Only 1 in 10 of those affected survive.
Buy a defibrillator now to make survival 75% more likely.

When life is on the line, you need world-leading defibrillator technology on your side.

The sooner that a defibrillator is used in combination with CPR, the more likely it is that the patient will survive. It’s that simple. But for every minute defibrillation is delayed after an SCA the chances of survival drop by 10%. Even if paramedics are dispatched immediately an SCA happens, they may well arrive too late, particularly if your site is remote or difficult to access. Having a defibrillator on site will protect your employees and show them that you care. Just like these leading organisations...

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Do you need to protect your employees at multiple locations?

Using wirelessly connected devices you could:

  • Monitor your routine maintenance remotely.
  • Instantly summon team of pre-arranged first responders the second a device is activated.

Talk to one of our advisors today to find out how connected defibrillators could save valuable resource and time and help to save lives on your sites.

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Partnering with the industry experts

Anchor Safety have partnered with industry experts to provide you with a tried, tested and trusted AED solution already implemented in multiple large organisations.

  • 8-year warranty (one of the longest available)
  • Fastest ‘time to shock’ delivery of any device on the market
  • Extreme protection from dust and water
  • Unique ‘PAD-PAK’ allowing fast and easy maintenance

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