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PPE Inventory Management Solutions that reduce costs and stockouts

We offer a range of PPE inventory management services to help you reduce costs and streamline PPE stock all with one goal in mind - eliminating stockouts. Gain control and visibility over your PPE inventory to help you make smarter, more cost-effective decisions for sourcing and managing your PPE, all within your procurement parameters and meeting management objectives.

It’s a way to streamline the management, purchasing, and administration of your PPE, realising a lower cost of ownership and dramatic injury reduction across your organisation. Just choose the right way of managing your PPE stock.

Dedicated Stock in a Virtual Warehouse

If space at your premises is limited, you can still keep dedicated stock that’s ready at short notice. Just fill our virtual warehouse with the PPE you need, including branded products, and keep stock ready for fast next day delivery. Ask us about Dedicated Stock

Consignment Stock

Keep the stock you think you’ll need in your own stores, ready for use at a moment’s notice. Just pay as you use stock to keep your inventory high without the risk of paying for products in advance. Ask us about Consignment Stock

Online Ordering

MyAnchor Equip is a flexible online ordering and management system developed specially for PPE. Based on the real-world workplace safety requirements, procurement processes, and stock concerns of large multi-site organisations, it’s a convenient platform that puts you in control of PPE ordering, usage, and costs. >  Register