Black/Blue suede Puma Trainer Boot with midsole - Size 6

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Product Code: B19-6343-06

Brand: Puma

Product Features

  • Size: 6
Product Description
PUMA SAFETY METRO PROTECT line skilfully combines lifestyle with high standards of safety. It fits easily into our modern working world. The unique outsole made entirely of TPU has performance features that are known from high-quality soccer shoes - an extremely flat sole design, long durability, optimal traction and high flexibility. The raised toe cap protects the leather in the toe area from wear and tear, especially when working on your knees. The ldCELL embedded directly in the heel area absorbs impacts and shocks as soon as the heel hits the ground and protects ligaments and joints. The evercushion® PRO footbed also stands for optimal cushioning and thus long-lasting comfort.
  • Protection: aluminium cap and flexible FAP® midsole
  • Plus: toe cap protection and HeelTec support
  • Upper: hydrophobated suede leather
  • Lining: BreathActive functional lining
  • Footbed: evercushion® pro
  • Sole: TPU sole METRO PROTECT
  • Safety Rating: S3 SRC
  • Rubber Outsole - The low-profile and therefore lightweight construction ensures great flexibility. The two-coloured TPU sole comes with an EVA cushioning pad in the heel area
  • EVA Cushioning Pad - The EVA cushioning pad integrated in the heel area ensures optimum shock absorption during ground contact.
  • Evercushion® PRO - The structure of this footbed gives you an optimum of cushioning from the first contact to the ground until the end of your move, giving relief to the compression zones. Its durable fabric cover and the perforated area at the forefoot ensure both breathability and comfort
  • Toe Cap Protection - The drawn up scuff cap avoids abrasion of the leather in the toe area when working on your knees.
  • BreathActive - The micro-channel system of this multi-layered lining provides you with a better breathability and moisture management when work means sweat.
Product Specification
Size 6

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