EISEN TechniDex EW1150 nitrile coated grip glove - Size 7,S

Product Code: A35-1150-07

Brand: EISEN

Product Features

  • Size: 7,S
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Product Description
    Glove wearers frequently struggle to understand what level of protection their glove provides, especially in relation to the full spectrum of a particular protection range e.g. 1-5, A-F. This can result in increased injuries from poor glove selection – possibly chosen for dexterity or comfort rather than offering sufficient protection. The intuitive patent-pending EISEN Safety Indicator allows the wearer to easily identify the glove’s protective performance in both visual and written forms unlike other identification systems which do not indicate the spectrum of protection available.
    Tested and certified to the internationally recognised OEKO-TEX 100 standard, the EISEN TechniDex EW1150 gives you the assurance that every component has been tested for harmful substances and therefore is harmless for human health. Tested rigorously by an independent OEKO-TEX 100 laboratory for both regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health, you can have full confidence that the EISEN EW1150 is dermatologically friendly.
    Using recycled fibres, the liner is an incredibly comfortable stretch-to-fit design, offering full 360° breathability and extra fine knitting technology that maximise dexterity and sensitivity.
    Using the EISEN NBX ultra high performance coating, the TechniDex EW1150 offers outstanding protective characteristics:
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance at over twice the maximum abrasion test threshold for enhanced durability
  • Great handling using raised dot pattern to maximise efficiency grip power
  • Highly breathable for improved climate control
  • Kind to your skin with no DMF or solvents
  • Silicone-free to eliminate contamination and fingerprints
  • Uniquely comfortable with highly flexible and cushioned grip
  • EN ISO 420:2011 Protective gloves - General requirements and test methods
  • EN 388:2019 Protective gloves against mechanical risk
Product Specification
Size 7,S