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Bata Walkline Derby Extra Wide Ankle Boot - 06XW

Product Code: B14-5322-06XW

Brand: Bata

Product Features

  • Footwear Style: Ankle
  • Slip resistance: SRC
  • Standards Compliance Icons: anti-static properties, Steel Midsole
  • Slip Rating: S3
The Bata Walkline range is one of Anchor’s best sellers.  Indeed 94% of people report Walkline is more comfortable to wear throughout the day and a 60% reduction in foot and knee problems with Walkline shoes. 

£123.94 Inc VAT £103.28 Exc VAT
Product Description

Thanks to over 20 years of biomechanical research, there are seven unique design features which make this footwear option world class in comfort and protection:

  1. Three Width system – No two feet are alike and this applies to a foot’s width. Shoes should not be too wide but also definitely too tight.   Three different widths mean these safety shoes always offer the perfect fit.
  2. Natural Last – Rather than a banana shaped last that is characteristic of most safety shoes and which forces feet into the wrong position, the Bata Walkline has a straight last meaning feet move naturally.
  3. Triple Shock Absorption System – Walking around on a hard surface all day can put an enormous strain on your joints.  This system absorbs shock while you walk relieving the pressure on joints.
  4. Locking of the foot – Walkline uses a fastening system that enables the foot to move freely rather than the traditional fastening which pulls the top of the shoe tightly against the instep. 
  5. Dynamic Sole – The soles are equipped with harder and softer components in the right place, creating a perfect balance between shock absorption, stability and support for the natural rolling movement of the foot.
  6. Flexlines – the flexlines in the sole precisely follow the foot’s natural flexing zones meaning the sole gives in just in the right places so that walking requires less energy.  Feet stay fit reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  7. Anti- Slip soles – Hard, soft, rough, smooth, even, uneven…not all surfaces are the same.  Walkline offers soles that use different materials and treads for an optimal grip. The right sole for every surface.
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO HI CI SRC
Product Specification
Footwear Style Ankle
Slip resistance SRC
Slip Rating S3
footwear features Anti-static, Cold Insulation, Midsole, Heat Resistant Sole
box quantity 1
Colour Black
Size 6XW
Standards Compliance Icons
  • Steel Midsole
  • Wide Fit
  • Antistatic
  • Cold Insulation
  • S3 - 200 Joule toecap, closed heel region, anti-static properties, energy absorption of the seat region, water penetration and absorption resistance, penetration resistant, cleated outsole
  • SRC - Tested and conforms to both SRA and SRB methods
  • Heat Resistant Sole