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Bata Walkline 2.0 ESD Sport Shoe - 6

Product Code: B14-5040-06

Brand: Bata

Product Features

  • Footwear Style: Shoe, Trainer
  • Slip resistance: SRC
  • Standards Compliance Icons: anti-static properties, Antistatic
The design and performance of safety footwear has evolved. Shoes that not only keep you safer, but reduce fatigue and keep the wearer energized have become a key driver for us. State-of-the-art footwear design, combined with high-tech materials and technologies, means that our new range of Walkline® 2.0 shoes look and feel like no other safety shoe you’ve worn before. Our new last designs offer an exceptional level of fit and comfort. New dynamic Walkline® 2.0 soles mean every step you take is light and energetic, yet cushioned and protected. Plus, you can add more protection features to make sure you stay extra safe and healthy in all work environments. All in footwear that looks stylish and feels great. Stay energized and safe no matter where you work with Walkline® 2.0.


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RRP: £98.25
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Product Description

The six characteristics of Walkline safety shoes:
  • 1. Natural last Most safety shoes are based on a banana-shaped last that forces feet into the wrong position. Walkline on the other hand has a straight last, giving feet complete freedom to move naturally.
  • 2. Triple shock-absorption system Walking around on hard surfaces all day can put an enormous strain on your joints. This is why Walkline is equipped with a triple shock-absorption system that absorbs shock while you walk. A smart combination of the Tunnelsystem®, shank and mid-sole absorbs shock from impact, thus relieving the pressure on joints.
  • 3. Locking of the foot A traditional fastening pulls the top of the shoe tightly against the instep. This prevents the foot from springing downward. Walkline uses a fastening system that pulls the shoe against the heel at an angle. The angle of the laces and the shape of the shoe enable the mid-foot to move more freely, and retain the natural shock-absorbing property
  • 4. Dynamic sole Walkline has a dynamic mid-sole and outsole with various densities. The soles are equipped with harder and softer components in the right places, creating a perfect balance between shock absorption, stability and support for the natural rolling movement of the foot.
  • 5. Flexlines The flexlines in the sole precisely follow the foot’s natural flexing zones. This means that the sole gives in just the right places so that walking requires less energy. Feet stay fit, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • 6. Anti-slip soles Hard, soft, rough, smooth, even, uneven ... Not all surfaces are the same. Walkline offers soles that use different materials and treads for an optimal grip. The right sole for every surface.
  • Triple shock absorbing system
  • Unique locking of the foot through fastening system that pulls the shoe against the heel at an angle
  • Multi-density sole unit creates a perfect balance between shock absorption, stability and support
  • Flexlines in the sole precisely follow the foot's natural flexing zones Soft premium full grain leather upper
  • Anti-torsion stabiliser prevents foot twisting
  • QuattroTech quadruple density TPU/PU sole
  • Composite perforation resistant midsole to 1100 N
  • Cool Comfort lining
  • ESD rated
  • Made in Netherlands
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P HI CI SRC, BS EN 61340-4-3:2002 Class 1, 2, 3
Product Specification
Footwear Style Shoe, Trainer
Slip resistance SRC
Slip Rating S1P
footwear features Cold Insulation, Non-metallic, Midsole, Heat Resistant Sole
Colour Black
Size 6
Standards Compliance Icons
  • Antistatic
  • Composite Midsole
  • Metal-free
  • SRC - Tested and conforms to both SRA and SRB methods
  • Wide Fit
  • Cold Insulation