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Anchor Safety has formed a true bond with the area in which we operate. We value the roles of local people and organisations in our community, especially the invaluable work of charities. As such, we aim to support those around us by promoting good citizenship among employees and by helping those in need.

In line with our corporate social responsibility values, Anchor Safety is developing a new programme that will enable us to work closely with other our customers to share innovative ideas that can support and enhance the community. Initially we're looking to work with customers to set up schemes for recycling used or excess products such as wellington boots. Many people or small organisations will benefit from the use of these and other quality items which are expensive to buy. Schemes like this will help companies to reduce their product surplus while benefitting the community, and reducing landfill.

At Anchor Safety, we also know we're lucky to be in a position to share some of our success with other organisations and, in doing, indirectly help those less fortunate than us. We donate to a wide spectrum of charities, including:

  • Water Aid
  • Cancer Research
  • Headway
  • St Elizabeth Hospice